PT0S St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks DXpedition

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We are grateful to G4ZFE for his PHP/MySQL logsearch script.

Due to conditions on the rocks make it very difficult to have a full and up-to-date log to be online. Updates came in very small parts if the team can send them using their 2.4 kbps (yes, kilobits!) slow, expensive but before all: unreliable satellite phone.

Below are some things to remember:
  • Logs might not be full and up-to-date.
  • If you do not find yourself in the log, we suggest you try to work the station again. It will not be a dupe.
  • The team has no resources (ie. no space, time or internet) to deal with log corrections. It is alway up to the operators to decide if they make corrections in case or a typo. Such decisions will only be made once they are back from the expedition.

  • LOTW

    Please note that we are also uploading logs to LoTW at the same time as we are updating this online log. However, LoTW uploads suffer delayed processing due to a system slowdown at ARRL, which is beyond our control.

    The PT0S logs are also uploaded to Clublog where you can see a lot more statistics!

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